Monday, August 30

Anyone who has taken a Philosophy course has probably encountered the trite concept of 'ultimately seeking absolute truth,' depending on the particular focus of the line of study. The idea being that there must be absolute truths out there; tid-bits so tantalizing they are sure to sate even the most ravenous of intellectual appetites.
Alas, I was lead to believe, through semi-empirical evidence and group discussion, that we as a race of thinkers have thus far come up with none. And no, Death is not considered an absolute truth because of the disagreement generated by the cornucopia of religions out there.

Anyway, my point here is that i found one. A concept undeniable by any single person, ideology, religion, philosophy or otherwise.

One word is all i'll give you, and if that's not enough....c'est la vie. You didn't know before, why should you know now?

Because more is exactly what you need and MORE is the only word i'll give you.
So there, settle for simply More if you want, but it won't get you anywhere.