Monday, August 30

i have an over whelming urge to be apart of something coupled with a horrible fear of community.
My life is easy, and i know it. And it drives me absolutely crazy to know that no matter what i do, no matter how bad i fuck things up, everything will still be okay.
Everything keeps moving, whether you walk, run, or crawl, time goes by in a cavalcade of brilliant pageantry.
Then i look back on the unseemly trail of horse shit and great heaps of rubbish left like a love note in a freshly poured sidewalk just outside a fast food joint.
This parade just keeps stomping by, and here i am, utterly aghast, the only one on the curb to catch the too-sweet candy they shower their imagined crowd with.
As the candy chews my teeth, i can't help but wonder: How can they keep celebrating? Don't they see what i see?

But then i remember, i'm the one on display and i have no right.
Just wrong.

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