Monday, August 30

Well gosh, seeing as how this is just another chance for me to talk to myself, i might as well reciprocate.
Turn on some conversatical action and really develop that sense of panic i get when i realize that i have never had a conversation with another person like the many i've had with myself.

I hope this doesn't turn into me stroking my dystrophic ego for the implied audience impinged upon me by the steady glare of the camera; the very presence of which is enough to trick me into thinking that there might actually be some table-scrap-audience out there that has a real desire to listen to me.

Can you blame me for being camera shy?
If i succeed, i will have confirmed my mediocrity by being crowned King of Less Than, for a day at least.
If i fail, i will have become not quite enough to get noticed, but not so little that i'm not wanted for my placeholder  heritage.

Oh wait, that's right....You aren't even real.
This is it.

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