Thursday, September 9

The date is inconsequential. The place, even more so. The story is as follows.

In the time leading up to this event there had been numerous technological advances in the fields of computer engineering, quantum physics, programming languages, bio/synthetic tissue manufacturing and reconstruction (that's a new one), artificial intelligence administration and regulation (also new), and bicycle design.
That last one is irrelevant, but note-worthy.

Because of these many advancements (and superior marketing savvy), Robotics had become a very popular past time for a great many enthusiastic minds. The most famous of which was a young Mr. Hodders.

Mr. Hodders had just graduated high school and was spending his summer doing something he loved; tinkering with his many Robotic Hobby Kits in his parents basement. Whether or not Mr. Hodders had set out to create the next modern marvel that evening is unclear. Given the dumbstruck expression that can be seen in his mugshot, i think it's safe to say that he had no idea what was about to erupt on his front lawn.
Mr. Hodders was hard at work on a synthetic skin that was neigh indeterminable from human skin, complete with nerve endings and tactile responses. Additionally, he had also constructed a synthetic 'brain' of sorts to ensure the stimulation of the skin would not be wasted on a few thousand lines of simple, inanimate code. Combined with the multitude of parts from his plethora of Build-a-Friend robotic kits, Mr. Hodders was building himself a robotic sex slave. At least, he had intended to.

Later that evening, after the police had removed Mr. Hodders from the premises (in shackles), a national press conference was held in his parents garage.
It had been announced that Mr. Hodders had constructed a "mechanical masturbatory aide" that consisted of many bio/synthetic parts, one of which was the aforementioned synthetic brain. The specifications of the other parts were not released.
The brain in question had become sentient. Unfortunately, it achieved sentience mere moments before being violated by Mr. Hodders. The brain immediately phoned the police and informed them, in a synthesized female voice, that "she" was being sexually assaulted. Naturally, they rushed to the house and, following the screams of assumed pain, they stumbled upon Mr. Hodders in a very compromising position with what appeared to be a woman. Mr. Hodders was immediately taken into custody.
The "woman" was subject to a panel of inquiry consisting of one lawyer, five psychologists, and a slew of computer scientists.

And so was the birth of the self-aware.