Sunday, September 5

"If you came looking for something 'special' or some kind of paradise, god forbid, then you came to the wrong place. All you're going to find is the same old shit, but with a lot more sparkle," said Old to New.
"He said, wobblin' his fingers 'round his head like a witch on Hallow's Eve," replied New to Old, adding a little jig to punctuate the remark.
"Stop that, you gutless twit, i'm trying to tell you somethin' here."
New stopped.
"You've got to leave, there's nothing for you here. Nothing good, at least," Old said sternly.
"You don't know what you're talking about Old one." Clearly New was not to be swayed.
"You don't know what you're headin' towards, youngling. You've got to turn back."
"Stuff it Old one, I don't need to listen to your decrepit wisdom. Maybe you should be listening to me?"

And that's when i shot him.


  1. Do you write all of these or are they other people's work? If they're yours, I find them really interesting haha. I guess I find them interesting either way.

  2. These are indeed mine and i'm tickled pink that you, or anyone for that matter, enjoys them.

  3. this is awesome, nice layout as well