Thursday, September 2

I was stubbing my way along the street, just looking for a soul to eat when i ran into an old friend. Me, in a fun house mirror.
"Looking good," i said to me.
"Right back at ya'," i replied.
I thought about hanging out, checking out what the flip side had to offer, but when i asked myself, i up and left. Sure, i fed myself some malarkey about better things to do, but i know i was just tossing rings.  So i kept on walking past one of the many times in my life where i would cross my own path. I'd experienced a few of them at that point, meeting younger and older versions of myself. The strange thing is, they never have anything interesting to say and they don't seem like they actually want to have anything to do with me. At first i thought they were uninteresting and lame, but then i realized that i'm the real dolt here and then.
I began to wonder why i was being forced to meet such a droll and abrasively serene person. Was it suppose to teach me something now, or then?
I'm beginning to think i exist only to be made an example myself. Living somewhere between an understandably ignorant past and an intentionally ignorant future there is me, living a life of sedition at all costs.
Down with the past!
Down with the future!
Up with gravity!

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